2017 NFL draft: Round 1 instant grades

Here’s a look at how Round 1 went, which featured a few bold moves to snag quarterbacks. Yep, we’re looking at you Chicago.

1) Cleveland Browns: DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M – The Browns made us sweat a bit, but they went as we thought all along in their selection of the best defensive game-changer in the draft. Players like Garrett don’t come along too often. He’s large and almost impossibly athletic, and he gives the Browns and their new defensive coordinator that crucial pressure piece it has lacked. The rebuild of the defense continues, but it took a big step forward here. Grade: A.

2) Chicago Bears: QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina – Teams don’t trade up — and give up two third-round picks (one in 2018) and a fourth-rounder — for a safety. The price the Bears paid for Trubisky is enormous, but if they think he’s a savior in time, it will be worth it. Mike Glennon likely starts this year, and Trubisky (he of 13 college starts) can be brought along at the right pace. But that’s now two QBs in which the Bears are heavily invested that have not played a lot of live football the past few seasons. Grade: C-

3) San Francisco 49ers: DE Solomon Thomas, Stanford – General manager John Lynch is on the job, what, two months now? He nailed his first assignment, fleecing the Bears to swap picks and the 49ers still get the player they likely would have taken had they not been able to trade down. Thomas needs to find a true position, and many believe they’ll use him in the Michael Bennett role as the 49ers transition to a new Seahawks-style defensive scheme under Robert Saleh. Right now, Thomas is a great run defender and could be a great pass rusher one day. Nice, safe pick and a great trade. Grade: A

4) Jacksonville Jaguars: RB Leonard Fournette, LSU – Blake Bortles is officially on watch. The Jaguars considered a QB here but instead drafted the best power runner we’ve seen in some time. Fournette might not have an Ezekiel Elliott-like impact on the Jaguars, but he should help out Bortles, who now is running out of excuses and will need to impress the brass quickly. The AFC South quickly is becoming a power-running haven with Fournette and the Titans’ duo. Fournette should be a terrific back who can carry the ball 20 times a game and wear down defenses. Grade: A-

5) Tennessee Titans: WR Corey Davis, Western Michigan – Our second stunner. It was believed that Davis’ ankle injury was not serious but that his inability to run a 40-yard dash prior to the draft was going to be a concern that might push Davis down. Didn’t happen. The Titans love his competitiveness, his large catching radius, excellent production and red-zone work to be a huge asset for Marcus Mariota, plus Davis likes to block, which is a boon for the power-run game they run. Fascinating choice, but a bit early. Grade: B-

6) New York Jets: SS Jamal Adams, LSU – The Jets had a darned good player fall into their laps, faintly similar to how they took…

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