9 School Fundraising Ideas for High School Age Students

School fundraising is an effective way to earn more money for your school.  High schools often use school fundraisers to pay for music and art programs, text books, field trips and technology equipment.  Here are nine great fundraising ideas that will work well with high school aged students.

Candy Bar Sales

Candy bar fundraisers are a great fundraising choice for high school students. This type of fundraiser involves purchasing cases of candy and then having students carry the candy around to sell to classmates, family and friends.  You can sell almost any type of candy from chocolate bars to gummy bears to suckers and lollipops.  Some schools even offer healthy treats.  This fundraising choice is both fun and delicious.

Garden Products Sales

Selling garden products can be very profitable during the spring. Talk with your school fundraising company to see if they offer a catalog containing garden products and bulbs as this is the easiest way to host this type of fundraiser.

Car Wash

Car washes can be very profitable for your school and require very little investment upfront.  If you decide to plan a car wash it is a good idea to sell tickets beforehand as this will increase your profits. Also make sure that you choose a convenient location that has easy access to water.

Gourmet Treats

Everyone loves tasty food products, so a gourmet treats fundraiser will appeal to many different people.  Look for a product catalog that offers a variety of tasty treats. People enjoy buying candies, cheese spreads, trail mixes, soups and many other types of gourmet food. The more selection you have available, the more likely people will be to make a purchase.

Holiday Gift Items

The holiday season is a great time to earn money for your school.  People are often willing to do their holiday shopping in your fundraising catalog.  It is a great way for people to save time while supporting your school.

If you choose this type of fundraiser make sure that you hold it early enough for people to receive their items several weeks before school lets out for winter break.

Art Auction

Art clubs and classes may be able to earn money by holding an art auction. This is a great way to show off the amazing artistic talents of your school’s students while earning money.  Art auctions are a lot of fun for students and their parents and are often very profitable.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

People love fresh baked cookies and will be more than willing to buy pre-made cookie dough from your students.  Choose a fundraising company that offers a large selection of delicious cookie dough.  The best companies make their dough using high quality, fresh ingredients.

Hold a School Carnival

A school carnival is a fun way to get several school organizations involved in a large scale fundraiser.  School groups can all work together to plan a carnival and then each organization can fundraise using their booths.  You may decide to hold a carnival during school hours for only…

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