All the Advanced Features of a Modern Day Telephone.

Telephones have been the only source of voice communication for over a century now. Telephone is a communication device whose primary objective is to allow two people separated by large distances to talk to each other. The first operational telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the mid 1870s, later various other features and concepts were added to Graham Bell’s telephone model by various other scientists to enhance the performance. Over the past century, the telephone models and the communication system have undergone dramatic changes for the good, consequently raising the standards of point-to-point communication.

In the late 1890s, the telephones used for point-to-point communication were called as the candlestick telephones, which came with or without a rotary dial, and with a ringer box. Then in the late 1900s came the rotary dial phones, which usurped the candlestick phones; the rotary dial phone was designed to send electrical pulses in accordance to the number dialed. The rotary dial phone was slowly replaced by dual-tone multi-frequency pushbutton dial phones.

Since the late 1990s century, there came the new age of computers and Internet, which revolutionized the field of communication and with it the operating methods of telephones. The communication methods had changed by then, with the traditional wireline communication methods being replaced by the wireless and satellite communication methods. As for telephones, the rotary dial phones were being replaced by hardware based IP phones and mobile phones. The old phones did not offer much in terms of features, but today’s wireless digital phones and hardware based IP phones, come with fully loaded features.

The present day digital and wireless telephones come with an array of features such as:
•Anonymous call rejection.
•Caller ID.
•Call waiting.
•Call waiting with caller ID.
•Selective call acceptance.
•Selective call acceptance.
•Custom ring.
•Call Screening.

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