An angry Sen. Wagner takes matters into his own hands

HARRISBURG – Republican gubernatorial hopeful Scott Wagner calls it a dirty campaign trick.

His campaign tracker calls it assault.

What is for sure is that a routine luncheon speech at a country club near York on Tuesday landed Wagner the role of unwitting star in a pair of YouTube videos, showing him angrily confiscating a video camera from the tracker, who works for a liberal-leaning opposition-research super PAC based in Washington.

“You’re about to see your senator in action,” Wagner is heard saying on the first video, unhitching a microphone from his lapel and striding over to the tracker from American Bridge 21st Century, to loud applause from the audience. The confrontation starts at minute 4:46.

In a second video, which the tracker took with his cellphone as he tried to get his video equipment back, Wagner, who is seeking to challenge Gov. Wolf in next year’s election, is seen forcefully trying to block the camera, leaving the tracker complaining of an assault that left him with a bloody finger.

“You just assaulted me,” the tracker says.

“No, I didn’t assault you,” Wagner says, pointing his finger at the tracker and demanding that he put away his cellphone camera.

Police were called to the Country Club of York, where Wagner is a member, but it does not appear any charges were filed.

Tuesday night, Wagner, a fiscally conservative state senator from York and president of a trash removal and recycling company, said he was well within his rights.

“This is a private club and he was trespassing — he should have been charged with trespassing,” Wagner said. “There is a…

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