Barcelona, Amsterdam, Venice, Arlington: Places that hate tourists

A tourist at Windsor Castle recently learned that the Queen’s Guard are not just there for photo opportunities. In video posted to Reddit, a guard can be seen shouting ‘stay away’ at a tourist who moves towards a gate he’s locking.
The visibly startled tourist appears to attempt a salute before doing as he is told. The officer then joins his three colleagues and marches towards the castle. Reddit/Hectorir via Storyful

Bhutan attracts few visitors, and it wants to keep it that way.

AS TRAVELLERS we like to think the world is our oyster, filled with amazing places to visit — the problem is, some places would rather not have us show up.

Constant bad behaviour by tourists, issues of overcrowding and even environmental concerns have prompted some of the world’s most beloved tourist destinations to turn a cold shoulder to tourists, leaving us with the clear impression we’re just not wanted.


Barcelona is feeling a little crowded right now. Picture: iStockSource:istock

The words “Tourist go home” were spotted graffitied onto brick walls in Barcelona last year and it pretty much summed up what many locals thought of visitors in the beloved city.

The number of annual visitors to Barcelona (about 7.5 million in 2013) grossly overwhelms the number of actual residents (about 1.6 million), and there are legitimate worries about overcrowding.

Concerned about a growing inequality between tourists and locals, especially with regard to the rise of tourist apartments, the city’s anti-tourist mayor Ada Colau has introduced measures to limit licences for hotel and tourist apartments in the city.

She has also introduced tourist caps, including on the city’s famous La Boqueria markets.

Not helping matters has been the frustration felt by residents in Barcelona’s beachfront areas, who have been vocal against drunk and disorderly tourists in their neighbourhoods.


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