BlackBerry KEYone Android Phone Brings Back the Keyboard We Used to Love

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BlackBerry KEYone is a reboot of the phone with the physical keyboard we used to love – except this time around it’s running the Android operating system.

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I have very mixed feelings about the BlackBerry KEYone. First off, TCL built a really nice phone here. It feels substantial in your hand, the screen is a nice size, the camera is solid, the battery lasts a long time and the software feels refined. But it’s a BlackBerry – with a physical keyboard!

I’m feeling transported back to a time before the iPhone, when I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest BlackBerry Pearl with the little ball on the keyboard. But times have changed.

I’m now rocking a phone with a beautiful full-length screen and I’ve gotten very used to typing on a virtual keyboard, which offers some advantages like quick access to emojis and disappearing when I don’t need it.

Still, you can’t deny this is a strong reboot of the original. The new BlackBerry KEYone runs Android, which solves one of the major issues of the original – the software and apps just didn’t keep up with the times. The KEYone gives you the best of Android but with an extra layer of security plus the BlackBerry magic we used to love. Things like a universal inbox that displays messages from across all of your services. There is a feature called DTEK that monitors your phone for any security issues like apps that secretly access your camera or send your location without your consent.

There are other upgrades to know about. The physical keyboard has a few tricks. First, it doubles as a giant touchpad. You can swipe on it to scroll down webpages or move around the screen. The space bar doubles as a fingerprint reader, something I never…

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