Celebrity Skin Care Regime Revealed

Unlike all celebrities don’t wake up looking good! And there is no exception. The secret behind their perfect look is a team of pro make-up and skin care experts. But this doesn’t imply that you can’t have flawless skin. You too can look gorgeous with a perfect skin car regime! Have you ever wished that you could know the regime of the celebrities? Then, your wish comes true! Here are skin care secrets revealed by the celebrity skin care experts:

1. Sunscreen: You will never see celebrities with tan lines and sunburns. This is because they never step out without SPF sunscreen. It is recommended to use SPF 50 or all-over SPF sprays to protect against harsh UV rays.
2. Hydrate: This is an important skin care tip. It is very important to keep the skin hydrated. Hydrate your body by drinking adequate water and also hydrate the skin with moisturizer. Before you apply airbrush foundation, it is suggested to use moisturizer for perfect look.

3. Skin patting: Face is the most cared for body part and its surface is like a backdrop or canvas for the face. Other features like cheek, eyes, lips, nose and bones springboard from the surface of the skin. If skin is not clear and radiant, all other features are bound to look pale. Skin patting increases blood circulation and ensure brightening of the skin. Few minutes of patting will bring the flushed pink color on the skin. This is nothing the oxygen that lends glow to your face. Here is a perfect skin patting steps:

a. As eye are prone to under-eye bags, it is best to begin from top of the cheek bones and then gently pat with the fingers towards the nose quickly and back to the cheek bones. Remember, follow the upward motion only.

b.  Apply little light daytime moisturizer in the upward movement smoothing the stroked and moving up the jawline.
c. Close your lips when you tap on the outside corners of the mouth and cheeks.

4. Instant facelift: It is natural to long for the pain-free facelift. It is possible to have it…

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