Cholera cases ‘transferred to Khartoum’: doctors – Sudan

Patients with cholera, or ‘acute watery diarrhoea’, are reportedly being transferred to the capital of Sudan. The cases come from White Nile state, where the disease has taken-on epidemic proportions.

Information from doctor colleagues has led Dr Syed Ginat to believe that several hospitals in Khartoum have received cases of watery diarrhoea from White Nile state; in the military hospital, the academic hospital, Ibrahim Malik hospital, and Omdurman hospital.

Dr Ginat told Radio Dabanga in an exclusive interview that diarrhoea can be vaccinated against, “but this requires the government to declare that the disease has officially entered the pandemic stage”.

Meanwhile he blamed Sudanese epidemiologists for causing a lack of clarity on the nature of the diarrhoea epidemic: “It can be scientifically confirmed whether it is related to cholera or simply watery diarrhoea.”

Laboratory tests conducted by the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors in January confirmed the samples of ‘acute watery diarrhoea’ to be cholera, and a Sudanese epidemiology specialist and his colleagues are convinced of the same.


Dr Ginat pointed to the dangers of the lack of quarantined spaces, as temporary isolation centres in schools are “inadequate” and can be “a major disaster and danger to neighbouring areas”.

He thinks that in order to force authorities to acknowledge the epidemic in Sudan, whether it is cholera or not, people should mobilise to gather attention. “People in White Nile have so far organised two sit-ins, without finding any support at the national level.”

The doctor urged the competent authorities to provide health awareness to people, about safe drinking water and proper use of toilets, in order to combat the transmission of the disease.

Cases in cities

In January this year, a report by the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors recorded two deaths at Bahri educational hospital in Kharoum, with a total number of cases of 21. Bahri…

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