Clarion Safety Systems and Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Renew Partnership To Help Prevent Drowning

A “No Long Breath Holding” Pool Safety Sign from Clarion Safety Systems. (Sign design ©Clarion Safety Systems. All rights reserved.)

Clarion is donating $5 of each sign sale to SWBP. Their ‘No Long Breath Holding’ signs explain the hazard of underwater breath holding and how to avoid it, using graphical symbols to convey the message to all age groups and across language barriers.

Clarion Safety Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of safety signs and safety labels, is renewing its partnership with Shallow Water Blackout Prevention (SWBP), aiding the organization’s efforts to save lives through drowning prevention efforts.

“With SWBP, we’ve found a like-minded organization who shares Clarion’s passion for keeping people safe from harm. We’re proud to be collaborating for increased water safety,” says Derek Eversdyke, Director of Facility Safety Products at Clarion. “We both understand that education and safety signage work hand in hand to save lives.”

SWBP is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of shallow water blackout. The group was established by Dr. Rhonda Milner in 2011 following the death of her twenty-five year old son, Whitner. Whitner was an avid swimmer who had begun to practice breath holding to increase his free-diving time because of an interest in spear fishing. One evening, in preparation for an upcoming spear fishing event, he practiced long breath holding in the family’s backyard pool and passed out underwater and drowned.

Shallow water blackout occurs when a person passes out without warning while underwater, after extreme, prolonged breath holding preceded by hyperventilation and/or physical exertion without rest. It is a sudden, silent killer;…

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