Compelling and Exciting, A New Crime, Transgender, Novel set in San Francisco, The Angel of Polk Street, is released by Onecraft Publishing House

A new psychological novel intertwines the fates of a child and mother in a unique narrative of coming of age. Leslie Lawrence (nicknamed Lee), is taken from his mother, Veronica, to live for years with a violent kidnapper. Leslie finally escapes and hitchhikes to San Francisco to the derelict Tenderloin District to perform in a strip club dressed as an angel. Discovered by the cop who originally handled the case, Leslie is identified as the boy, Lee, and returns to his mother as a transgender teen.

“A beautiful and hopeful book… [the] fast-paced narrative pulls one inward to self, to considering good and evil and the formation of identify. Highly recommended.” Rosalie Reigle, Bad Reviews

“Newbrough is clearly a stunning writer speaking emotionally to universal themes.” Batya Weinbaum, Author of Feminist Voices

Powerful and insightful, …delivers an unflinching examination of the best and worst aspects of the human condition. Nathan Beauchamp, Co-author, Universe Extended, Award winning science fiction series

An enjoyable and compelling read. It asks many questions and sometimes answers questions with more questions. Read it, and then look around you. How many angels do you see? Stephanie Ann Blythe, transgender activist

Readers of this heartrending and gripping affirmation of transgender identity will [respond with] a resounding “YES, BRAVA!” Marjorie Larney, Author, LGBT Youth Human Rights

The prose is intense and dramatic, leading the reader into complete submersion in this dark yet inspiring tale.”         Andrea Wesley, Nightwood Journal


Veronica received a call from Saul Bishop. “We found Lee.”


“We found him.”

“Oh my god! Thank God. Where is he?”

“He’s in state custody. I’m sure he’ll be returned to you…

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