Direct Mail Advertising Strategies that Work

Direct mail advertising is not a new trend in advertising but it is one that is sometimes overlooked by small businesses. It is a shame because this kind of advertising is capable of creating a positive response from target customers. The good thing about marketing is its ability to evolve itself with the changing times and advertising through direct mail is the best example of that. With this strategy, marketers are allowed to make a straight approach directly from the mail house to the residence or office of the customers.

Direct mail advertising is basically a process of supplying advertising materials such as leaflets, catalogs, brochures, CDs, and so on to the homes or offices of both potential and existing customers. This mode of advertising has been proven to work as evidenced by the fact that many postal service providers gain their major share of income from ad mails. Direct mail is really popular in certain countries especially in Canada where both the addressed and unaddressed mail advertisements are said to constitute 20 percent of the overall postal income of the country.


Advertising through direct mail must include a tempting message or special offer that grabs the attention of the customer and persuade him or her to reply. There are two kinds of direct mail advertising, the first one is business to business, often shortened to B2B and the second one is business to customer or B2C. Both are really effective in eliciting response from customers, selling more products or services, and creating better brand awareness.


The increased demand for direct advertising through mail has allowed mail houses to thrive. Today, one can see the rise in number of these firms in different cities in the United States. Postcode verification, creation of accurate salutations and casing, avoidance of duplication and enhanced data formatting are the core functions of a mailing house. Los Angeles is one city that is blessed with a huge number of professional mailing…

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