Enjoy the outstanding features of Blackberry Z10

Recently Blackberry has come up with a new smartphone, Blackberry Z10. This device has a brand new operating system and a new hardware. This stylish device is considered as a strong competitor to other high end smartphones such as Apple iPhone 5, HTC One X plus, Gsalaxy etc. This phone has impressed many people with its amazing looks and high end features. In terms of designs, it is very stunning in looks and is available in both black and white colour. This Blackberry smartphone has flat sides and rounded corners that provide solid feel to the users. Its thickness is almost similar to Samsung Galaxy S3. It is not only thin, but light as well and has quite sharp screen.

The back side of the phone has comfortable plated of plastic. It looks quite trendy in its fluidity and animations. The icons, fonts and text of this Blackberry smartphone are quite readable. The most noticeable feature of this phone is its upgraded software. In terms of performance, it is quite decent and applications such as Facebook, twitter etc. load fast on this device. In fact, you will hardly face any slowdown at this device.

The software keyword of this device is simply amazing. You will feel great to type on it. The auto correct feature of this smartphone is much better than the other Blackberry smartphones. The phone doesn’t have any navigation or home button. To switch to its home screen, you need to swipe up from bottom of the screen. Furthermore, this smartphone is well equipped with Blackberry Hub, which includes all your notifications, messages, calendar events as well as contacts. All of these applications are well integrated in the hub. Using Blackberry hub, you can get access to these applications very quickly.

The best feature of this Blackberry Z10 is its fast speed. Talking about its call quality, it is simply amazing with loud and clear speaker. Its microphone is quite sensitive. However, the battery life is not that good. If you are looking for smartphone to use internet…

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