Evolved Education Company Presents the Evolved Education Paradigm at the International ADHD Professionals Conference

NEW YORK, April 27, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Evolved Education Company (EEC), a private tutoring and education consulting service focusing on the whole child education approach, is pleased to announce that EEC’s Founder and President Mary Miele and Deanna Hyslop, Child Behavior Specialist who works with students with ADHD, will be presenting the Evolved Education Paradigm,  SEPAQ Assessment and strategies from their book,  Supporting School: A Guidebook for Parents and Educators, at the 2017 ADHD Professionals Conference in Reston, Virginia.

The Evolved Education Paradigm creates a student’s profile and multi-disciplinary school support plan by considering the essential components of a student’s education experience. Students with ADD/ADHD greatly benefit from a student profile and multi-disciplinary school support plan by having attention and care given within all areas of this paradigm. “When we gather information about a student’s academic and learning experience in the school and home environments, and consider the student’s social, emotional and physical development, helpful support plans can be created, especially for the 6 million students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD,” says Miele.

The SEPAQ (Social-Emotional-Physical-Academic-Quotient) is a multiple-choice inventory of 30 questions used to measure the total education process showing  how a student functions socially, emotionally and physically.  After the SEPAQ score is determined, teachers and parents can work together to address areas of challenge, promoting each student to reach their full academic potential.

“The Evolved Education Paradigm which includes the SEPAQ score initiates a conversation among parents, teachers and practitioners, helps guide parents and teachers to review all areas of the child and emphasizes the need to address all areas of a child’s life,” adds Hyslop. “Determining a child’s SEPAQ score is the missing piece to a student’s overall puzzle.”

“In the research, we saw teachers and parents can work together to uncover a child’s learning potential. After reviewing the SEPAQ completed by families, , teachers experienced increased proficiency on their students’ social, emotional and physical states”, adds Hyslop.

 This weekend, we are inviting all 1-1 ADHD Coaches, Tutors, and Learning Specialists to participate in our research, which involves four steps — all, completed on Google Forms. Interested participants should email [email protected] to be trained in the research protocol.

“This is an exciting time for educators and students. I am excited to see what findings are reinforced and new discoveries,” adds Miele.

About The Evolved Education Company:

The Evolved Education Company fosters the development of the whole child within the pursuit of academic excellence from Pre-K to College. To learn more www.evolveded.com

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