Feel Young!!Tips for anti-aging of skin

Aging of skin has become one of the recent issues with today’s age group. There are many reasons behind skin aging such as lifestyle, food habits and health protection which when left negligent may cause serious impacts. Moreover following simple skincare tips will do good to put off your skin aging and offer better results. Here we go with them.

Avoid sun exposures

Sun radiations such as UVA and UVB are harmful to the skin which causes skin cancer and drying of skin. In addition the skin develops wrinkles and spots and gives a sagging appearance on successive exposures. Hence get into the sunny days with a sunscreen lotion or cream to prevent the radiations from skin impairment.

Take a healthy diet

Nutrient rich foods play a vital role to keep your skin young and beautiful. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet which provides antioxidants through Vitamin A, B, C and E. These anti-oxidants help to firm the skin, reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the skin from wrinkles and scars. Your skin needs the right moisture level else it will dry out or dehydrate. Hence drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Say no to smoking and alcohol

Both these habits lead to irregular diet structure and the essential nutrients required by the skin is not fed at the right time. This hinders the typical blood flow rate which causes wrinkles around the eyes and you seem to develop a “smoker’s face” which is a sign of skin aging. And also, alcohol being a diuretic will dehydrate the body and you end up with an ill skin. And so stay away from them.

Protect your skin from cold

Cold weather causes skin dehydration and as a result your skin looks dry. Use good moisturizers while stepping out in the cold and avoid aging of skin. Moisturizer keeps the skin smooth and prevents loss of moisture. Choose a moisturizer which suits your skin type to get better results.

Avoid sugar consumption

More intake of sugar causes skin to become dull and elastic. They tend…

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