Free Ways to Speed Your PC Up

Computers have a tendency to become loaded down with “junk” files over time. And, as with anything else, the more usage and junk something accumulates, the more run-down and slower it can become. So what can one do to speed up their PC and get their computer running faster than it is now? Here are a few things you can do at home, free, to help the health of your PC and help speed it up.

Sometimes people add programs they think they need then end up not using them. These programs build up over time. Going to your control panel and choosing “programs and features” then choosing the programming no longer needed and clicking to uninstall will take the program completely out. Remember, always remove programs through the control panel because if you go in and just delete the programs folder the program is still in the systems registry and will slow your system down.

Sometimes when programs are installed they will be placed under your startup programs; these will automatically run when Windows starts. Running in the background they can drastically slow down your program. The first place to check is under start, all programs then click the startup tab. If there are programs, besides a virus program of course, that is not needed to run all the time, right click the file and left click delete. It will no longer run when Windows starts; this can speed your system up drastically.

Keeping a good virus checker and malware checker running regular scans will ensure a speedy PC. Obtaining a virus, or even spyware/malware, will slow down your PC; keeping it clear of malicious programs can keep your computer running faster. Virus’ can get into deep areas of your system and slowly eat away at your systems configuration. Sometimes virus scanners won’t block them, yet running a deep scan may help in detecting and clearing them out. Having two different virus scanners is recommended.

Running your disk defragmenter periodically, deleting temporary internet files and file…

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