Game of Thrones season 7 episode 1 runtime revealed, longest premiere since the pilot

  • 1/42

    Cersei walks towards her newly installed map room, her shadow dominating the screen

    As she continues to move forward, a group of armoured Lannister men are revealed.

  • 2/42

    ‘Enemies to the East’

    Jacob Anderson’s Grey Worm makes an appearance, standing before Danny’s Unsullied army. Worm now wears a silver dragon sigil, as do all the Queen of Dragon’s team.

  • 3/42

    Rosby and Duskendale make an appearance

    Two towns to the North of King’s Landing. One of three shots as the camera glides to the North above the map kept at Dragonstone.

  • 4/42

    ‘Enemies to the West’

    Likely Euron Greyjoy, who currently hunts Theon and Yara, along with trying to take Danny as his wife. The ship looks surprisingly dragon-like. Also of note, Euron could hold the dragonbinder, a magical horn capable of subduing dragons. Perhaps Cersei and Euron will join forces – ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

  • 5/42

    The Vale of Arryn

    The knights of Arryn recently came to Jon Snow’s rescue, helping reclaim Winterfell. More enemies, no doubt.

  • 6/42

    ‘Enemies of the South’

    Likely someone from Dorne sharpening their spear, perhaps one of the Sand Snakes?

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