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When T.D. Holub was searching for equipment to use on his small vegetable farm, he thought he knew what he needed—but he had no way to see or try out options.

“I didn’t have much to compare to in the area, which made deciding what to buy difficult,” says Holub, who operates Garden Oasis Farm, LLC near Coggon.

Holub grew up on a farm and knew about farm equipment, but was unfamiliar with vegetable implements and machinery. When he was working to get his vegetable farm started, machinery was his first big investment—so picking the right tools to invest in was critical for both production and economic reasons.

He now has what he needs, and will share his experience—and machinery selections—at a Practical Farmers of Iowa field day he and partner Sarah Gericke are hosting June 9 from 4 to 6 p.m., near Coggon (3262 York Ave., northwest of town). The event—“Tractors and Tools with T.D.”—is free to attend and will include snacks following the field day.

The goal of the field day is to help other beginning farmers expedite their machinery research. In a show-and-tell style, Holub will discuss his assorted machinery and tools, and attendees will have a chance to try some equipment in the field. Holub will also discuss the cost and process of building his 10-by-14-foot and 24-by-12-foot CoolBot walk-in coolers.

Some of the tools and machinery on display will include: 50-horsepower tractors; an Allis Chalmers G tractor; a water wheel transplanter; Williams tool bar systems, including hilling discs, tines and sweeps; a Perfecta field cultivator; a Caroni rototiller; a three-point sprayer; a small square-bale shredder; a bed lifter; a Jang seeder; a Valley Oak wheel hoe; a soil blocker; and a seedling grow-room.

“I hope I can help farmers understand the types of tools and equipment used on a small vegetable…

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