Have the wheels fallen off the Conservative campaign? (From South Wales Argus)

HOW quickly the tide can turn.

When Theresa May called the snap general election just six short weeks ago it seemed set in stone the Conservatives would not only hold onto Parliament, but most likely grab hold of a decent number of Labour seats.

But over the past month or so the party which seemed a dead cert to win one of the biggest election victories in recent memory seems to have descended into a bizarre desperation.

The bulk of the Conservatives’ campaign seems to have become pointing out things Jeremy Corbyn said 20 years ago. Hardly the behaviour of a party which is confident of a sweeping election victory.

And this isn’t just happening on a UK level.

At the start of the campaign journalists were already penning obituaries for Labour in Wales, with the Tories predicted to make some significant gains.

But since then something seems to have gone rather wrong.

The party reportedly had the two Newport seats in its sights at the start of the campaign, with pollsters predicting there was a very good chance both could turn blue on June 8.

And they were certainly putting the effort in, sending none other than party favourite Boris Johnson along to back candidate Angela Jones-Evans.

I understand some other party bigwigs were also pencilled in to visit the city at the end of last week, but the visits were cancelled after campaigning was put on hold following the Manchester attacks.

But since then it seems the party has forgotten about Newport, with local campaigners left to pick up the slack.

Indeed, it’s hard to to feel for local Tories, who are really putting the effort in on the ground, but with seemingly very little support.

The fact that the party put neither its boss in Wales Andrew RT Davies or Welsh secretary Alun Cairns up for last night’s live leader’s debate, which took place after today’s Argus went to press, speaks volumes.

Instead the party’s shadow education spokesman Darren Miller,…

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