HCG Spray – A Discussion of the Newest Form of HCG

The hCG Diet has gained popularity recently with many testimonials of incredible weight loss surfacing on the internet. This diet requires the administration of hCG into the body through various means. The most common method, which is written about extensively in Kevin Trudeau’s book, “The Weight Cure “They” Don’t Want You To Know About,” is through hCG injections. This requires the care of your primary physician who will prescribe the hCG for you and administer the injections.

The next method, hCG drops, has gained popularity since the diet has extraordinary results, and the internet makes it easy to sell products. hCG drops are taken orally and held under the tongue for maximum benefit. There seems to be some controversy about the effectiveness of the oral drops, however I personally have used the drops and had extraordinary results, therefore I consider it a perfectly acceptable method of obtaining hCG.


There is now a third option, if the first two don’t suit your fancy. hCG Spray. The sprays come in two varieties: oral and nasal. The oral spray works exactly like the oral drops, except that it’s sprayed into your mouth under your tongue, rather than dripped from a dropper. hCG sprays are readily available online. The idea behind them is to eliminate the inevitable touching of the dropper tip to your tongue and contaminating the entire bottle.


The nasal spray is a little harder to come by since it requires a prescription, but it gets into the body through the nasal cavity and goes straight into the bloodstream. It is considered to be as effective as the injections. One of the benefits is the spray costs almost half the cost of injections.


There are two other forms of hCG, pellets or pills and powder, but these are fairly new to the market as of this writing, and have yet to be determined how effective they are.


In the above methods, spray and drops, there are homeopathic solutions (meaning it is made with all natural ingredients)…

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