Head shavers and how to shave it

Do we want to shave our head with electric shavers

Head shaving done by females in addition to males is seen and accepted much more these days. However history tells us it’s nothing new. Both ancient male and female Egyptians used to shave their heads bald. Althoug the Females always put on wigs.

The contemporary female who is shaving her head typically has a good time doing so as well. Many individuals find hairless heads really hot. And if you didn’t know – The whole scalp is an erogenous zone after shaving.

If you’re specific you’re ready to go hairless for the first time, below are methods to help you:

1) Start by cutting your head hair to a short stubble before shaving.

2) Next, take a hot shower. The steam will unwind the skin and soften the hairs, which will make head shaving much easier. Allow your skin and bristle to be damp for five to ten minutes.

3) Then use a rich lube and enable it to sit for a short while. You may want to utilize a little Tea Tree or mineral oil. This will help the razor glide more quickly while shaving your head, which will help avoid cuts.

4) ALWAYS utilize a fresh, new blade in your razor. And if it begins to seem like the razor is dragging, put in a new blade. Particularly due to the fact that individuals will be seeing your bald pate, the last thing you want is scraped, scabby skin. You desire smooth and glossy skin after shaving. Clearly, you can not see the back of your go to shave it, so if you do not wish to end up looking patchy … Use a mirror.

5) Regularely use your fingers to understanding of locations you’ve missed out on. Note: The direction of head shaving does not matter due to the fact that the hair grows in various directions. Whatever feels best to you.

6) Try not to use too much pressure or repeat strokes in the same area as you’re shaving as both of these actions will certainly aggravate the skin.

7) After you’re completed shaving your head – Thoroughly clean off any remaining lubricant with warm…

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