How Auburn moving to the SEC East would affect Georgia football

Welcome to your one-stop shop for Georgia football news and takes every Monday through Friday. Today, we look at the implications of a potential Auburn move to the SEC East.

What an Auburn move to the East would mean for Georgia

We’ve reached the inevitable point in the offseason where we are once again talking about Auburn joining the SEC East. With little to talk about at this time of year, the chatter about Auburn taking its ball over to the weaker of the SEC’s divisions always rises up. And it always seems to be just that: chatter.

It started with former Auburn coach Pat Dye bringing up the idea on the radio a few weeks ago. Since then, Gus Malzahn admitted that an Auburn exodus to the East “makes sense,” a sentiment echoed by Auburn AD Jay Jacobs. This year has a slightly different tone, though, at least by the reckoning of Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated. According to Staples, Jacobs adroitly timed his comments, on the eve of the SEC’s spring meetings in Destin, Fla., which are happening as we write. With nothing much else of interest on the docket — a potential change in graduate transfer rules excluded — now is the time to turn any chatter into something more concrete. From Staples:

If moving to the East didn’t interest Auburn, Jacobs would have shot down the questions. He wouldn’t have expounded on the topic, which he did throughout the interview. This is something Auburn wants — and not only because of a burning desire to finally make the SEC’s divisional alignment geographically correct.

The move makes sense on the surface, specifically for the team that would go in the other direction, Missouri. Mizzou has never made much sense in the East. Putting the Tigers in the West would surround them with more traditional rivals, as well as ease some of the travel burden for Missouri teams, as Jacobs noted.

The biggest obstacle, as Jacobs also noted, would be a reconfiguration of the division…

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