How Camp Native is Taking the Camping World By Storm

I’ve actually received more reservations through Camp Native than Airbnb and VRBO and they don’t have the fees to the property owner.

Camp Native was created to make it easier for campers to find and reserve their perfect outdoor accommodations online, and as a marketing tool to help property owners get found and secure more bookings. The company has continued to grow over the past two years, and today, over 1,000 properties have signed up to accept reservations on

When property owners sign up with Camp Native, they have the opportunity to get noticed by more than 45 million campers. Camp Native helps property owners expand their marketing efforts, increase efficiency, grow their online web presence, and ultimately increase their sales. In total, campers can explore more than 300,000 individual campsites, cabins, and other unique lodging options located throughout the U.S. using the website’s interactive map and extensive database.

“Since beginning our outreach to property owners just 18 months ago, we’ve learned a lot about the industry and the services property managers needed. We knew out of the gate that Camp Native was a solution campers were looking for, but we had to create the right product for the property managers. We designed the business model in a way that makes it a no-brainer for a property owner (Camp Native is free to property owners). With over a hundred properties requesting to sign up every month, and thousands of campers using Camp Native every day, I think we’ve proven that Camp Native is a great solution for both property owners and campers.” David Woodbury, Founder and CEO of Camp Native

In 2017, Camp Native has already seen a 40% increase in the amount of properties who have requested to sign up. Camp Native’s reservations have grown consistently by over 25% month over month, and it has doubled its digital footprint since the beginning of the year.

Angie Albonico, the Senior Acquisition Specialist at Camp Native says, “Property owners have been looking for an option that helps them reach the audience that Camp Native is able to capture. We have not only seen a large increase in properties over the past year, but interest has grown from more traditional campgrounds to unique outdoor accommodations like railroad cars and tepees, and we have seen extensive growth and demand for cabins and glamping tents.”

“Listing our property was easy and intuitive, and Camp Native’s innovative and proactive approach helped us reach our target audience the way no other site could. Camp Native lets us do it all: manage bookings, update site information, and communicate with our guests.” John Day Industrial Campground, John Day, Oregon

“Camp Native is super convenient. Customers…

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