How to Write Your Own Hollywood Blockbuster

Have you ever thought to yourself after seeing the latest Hollywood blockbuster that you could write something better than that? Do you have an idea that you are sure will make a great movie? Writing a movie script isn’t that hard once you have an idea that is sure to be a winner.

There are a few basic steps to follow to get your idea onto paper and, lucky for us, there is now a lot of help available online to help you get your script critiqued and seen by Hollywood professionals.

Developing an idea for a movie is the hard part, that’s why most people aren’t screen writers. Coming up with a fresh new story idea that people will want to pay to see is hard, that’s why most of the films out of Hollywood today are remakes of past hits. Once you have the idea, all you need to do is build a plot up around it.

All plots consist of three simple things, a beginning, middle and end. The beginning is the expository part of the plot, it serves to introduce the major characters, to set the time and place of the film and define the problem which is the heart of any drama or love story.

In a movie script there is usually one main hero, the man or woman who the story will revolve around. The hero serves to be the focal point of the film and the audience should find this character interesting and be able to sympathize with his problem, be it finding love or saving the world from ruthless invaders.

The time and place where a movie takes place sets the mood and tempo of the film. A modern urban setting means that if it’s an action film, the pace will be fast and the technology will be modern. In a love story, the time and place of a film can be a long-ago romantic drama or an upbeat urban comedy.

For scriptwriters, description can be left to a minimum because once the film goes into production; the descriptive elements will be fleshed out by the director and art director.

The middle of the script is where the drama happens, this is where the problem faced by the hero climaxes and…

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