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HUDSON — David A. Greenwood, owner of a Hudson public relations firm, says he was a “Ritalin kid.”

Growing up in Arlington, he was in constant motion as a child and had characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. It was often difficult for him to focus on schoolwork, and his grades suffered. But when he was in middle school, he decided to stop taking his medication, a central nervous system stimulant often prescribed for children with ADHD that can help with hyperactivity and impulse control.

Jump ahead several years. As an adult, he now owns a business, embraces his ADHD and has a productive and happy life. Many other people have found success, despite having ADD or ADHD.

Greenwood’s recently published book, “Overcoming Distractions: Thriving with Adult ADD/ADHD,” tells the stories of people who have found success while dealing with ADD or ADHD. The well-organized, 208-page softcover outlines street-smart strategies for how people with these conditions can manage their symptoms and create a successful life for themselves.

The key is to have a good support system of people who understand you in your professional and personal life, Greenwood writes.

Other tips Greenwood recommends would be useful for just about anybody, not just those with ADD/ADHD:

Get a good night’s sleep.
Exercise regularly. Meditate.
Develop routines in your life. Keep routines and tasks simple.
Be organized. Place keys, briefcase, purse and daily items in the same place every night.
Use a clock to keep track of your time, so you don’t waste it.
Take breaks during a time-consuming project.
Make a list for the day, week, month and refer to it.
Plan your day the night before, so you know what your day will look like and what needs to get done.
Develop and write down long-term goals and review them on occasion to be sure you stay on track.

When Greenwood started his Hudson PR firm 10 years ago, he said…

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