IBM, Google, Lyft launch Istio open source microservices platform

IBM, Google and Lyft have teamed up to deliver Istio, an open source microservices platform for developers.

The Istio project is a collaboration among the three companies to bring forth an open technology that provides a uniform way to connect, secure, manage and monitor networks of microservices on cloud platforms, regardless of platform, source or vendor.

The open source microservices platform supports managing traffic between microservices, enforcing access policies and aggregating telemetry data — all without requiring changes to the microservices code. The service also gives developers new levels of visibility, security and control when building apps on the cloud, as microservices and containers become the de facto way to build apps, IBM said.

Changing landscape

Indeed, Istio is a response to the changing landscape of application development using microservices, which are all about decomposing large applications into smaller, more manageable pieces, said Scott Laningham, a strategist for IBM developerWorks, in a video about the project.

“We’ve had this vision of trying to create a new paradigm around cloud-native applications based on microservices, and we’ve been on this journey for some time,” Angel Diaz, IBM’s vice president of cloud architecture and technology, told TechTarget. Diaz said the journey goes back to 2014, when IBM joined forces with Docker to bring containers to open governance. And it continued with Big Blue pushing the Open Container Initiative, supporting the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and bringing the Kubernetes container…

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