In these trying times its smart to provide yourself with Self Defense Weapons

In today’s trying times of our society the crime rate has and continues to rise.  This would be a great time to think about purchasing yourself and your loved ones a protection device.  There are many self defense weapons on the market today so before you decide to buy make sure you do your homework. 

Put some thought into which type of self defense weapons you want to carry with you.  Do you want the simplicity of pepper spray?  How about the high voltage level stun guns?  All of these devices are very good products and by all means made true to theirself.  These tools will do the job they were designed to do.

One does have to think about their own needs when it comes to purchasing self defense weapons.  Everyone has an idea of what they should be carrying but might not have the correct knowledge prior to making that purchase.

If you are one that opts in to handling self defense sprays then it is suggested you learn how to use them.  Pepper spray, as simple as it may sound should be studied once you have possession of one.  These devices come in all different sizes, designs, strengths, form and colors.

The Hot Shot 10% Pepper Spray is one of the most popular brand self defense sprays, This particular brand comes in 1/2, 2 and 4 ounce canisters.  For the most part you can usually spray anywhere from 8 to 10 feet and get 8 one-second bursts.  That’s plenty to take down a would-be attacker.

The Wildfire is rated at 18% and one of the hottest on the market.  This form comes in many sizes and styles.  It also affords sizing for the home use at one pound canisters.  A high recommend for any home.

My favorites in the pepper spray department consist of the keychain pepper spray and the Mace Pepper Gun.  While the two have nothing in common in terms of looks they both perform very well.  The Keychain style lends itself to being carried at all times as you place it on your keychain.  We all carry our keys around so this method is number one in my book.

On the other spectrum, the Mace Pepper Gun is unique in itself.  This style has to be canister loaded, shoots like a real gun and can be held upside down without ruining the affect of the spray.  There isn’t any other pepper spray on the market like this.  Because of this I choose this as my second method of protection.

If you are one who likes a bit more bite when it comes to self defense weapons then I would suggest carrying a stun gun or even a TASER gun. 

These devices start at approximately 20,000 volts up to 4.5 million.  If you are one who likes to carry a stun gun then it is suggested that you purchase one with a higher voltage.  This allows for less contact with your would-be attacker in order to take them down.  You do however, need to have direct contact in order to use this method.  The TASER is 50,000 volts of power, which doesn’t appear to be much but will with out a doubt drop your assailant to the ground instantly.  This device also affords you up to 15…

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