IOS 7 is here with some wow features

Apple rolls out its latest mobile OS for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The highlighted new features like AirDrop for iOS, Notification Centre, Control centre, Activation Lock and Multi tasking.

AirDrop: This new feature in Apple allows the iOS users to share files and photos by clicking the phones together without the help of email or text messages. It is completely a new way of transferring files with nearby people in an easy and quick manner. AirDrop shows you the nearest contacts, just select the contact who you want to share with and it will do the rest. AirDrop does not require any network or set up to transfer the contents, because it has a peer-to-peer feature for transferring the files. You content will be protected and private, because the contents are fully encrypted while transferring.

Notification Centre: It can be accessed from any screen including from lock screen without unlocking the phone first. It allows you to know about missed calls, new emails, new messages, to-dos and more. The new feature “Today” offers you a summary of today’s event such as weather updates, reminders and calendar events.

Control Centre: It allows the users a full access of the controls and apps. You can access the system setting by simply swiping from any screen including lock screen. It lets you to do turn on or off Wi-Fi, switch to airplane mode, activation of Bluetooth or you can adjust the brightness of the display screen. From control center you can connect to Airplay and AirDrop, also you can access the flashlight, calculator, camera and timer.

Activation Lock: It is the greatest feature in iOS 7. It will reduce the phone theft and it will make life difficult for thieves to resell the stolen iPhone. Remote-wipe option is already available in iPhones, Android and Windows Phone to wipe clean the data stored in device. Many Smart phones have GPS activation to track the device location. It helps the owner to find out the stolen device. Nevertheless, Apple’s Activation…

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