Is Elysian Fields A Real Secret Society? ‘House Of Cards’ Sends Frank To A Retreat For DC Power Players

House Of Cards Season 5 premiered on Netflix on May 30 and expands on the show’s cynical view of politics and power. And how much power you have often depends on the other influential people you have access to. (Spoiler alert for House Of Cards Season 5 through Episode 8!) In Episode 8 of the new season, Frank goes on an outdoor retreat with a secret society called Elysian Fields, where only powerful men are welcome. If it’s important enough for Frank to participate in, then it must be a big deal. So, is Elysian Fields a real secret society for DC decision-makers?

Well, from what I have gathered, Elysian Fields is not a real secret society. Though, perhaps it’s so secret that there’s no information about it on the internet. In which case, House Of Cards just blew up its spot. But that’s very unlikely.

According to, however, the name of Frank’s secret society can be traced back to Greek mythology. “Elysian Fields” is said to be a true paradise where gods who are gifted immortality are sent. Basically, only the most favored gods got to go to this place and live out their endless lives in bliss. This is especially fitting for a reference point because on House of Cards, Elysian Fields is essentially a place for important men (and only men) to hang out together in the woods.

Now, though there doesn’t appear to be a secret society that goes by the name of Elysian Fields, there is no lack of very similar-themed membership groups that are allegedly active today.

A secret society with a similar moniker, Bohemian Grove, is the source of much conspiracy and myth. According to Vanity Fair, this secret society holds its gatherings at a 2,700 acre campground in Monte Rio, California, among the redwoods. Its members include “every Republican president since Coolidge,” according to the publication, plus other political big shots, mostly male, conservative, and white. The list of alleged activities posted by Vanity Fair include campfire discussions, concerts, and…

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