‘Jeremy Corbyn would be alone and naked in Brexit talks’ says Theresa May | Politics | News

The Prime Minister claimed Jeremy Corbyn would find himself “alone and naked” in crucial Brexit talks starting just days after the General Election because he is not ready.

In her most ferocious assault yet on her Labour opponent, she pleaded with voters not to “sleepwalk” into giving him the keys to No 10 as head of a chaotic minority government propped up by anti-Brexit parties.

She used a speech in Wolverhampton to steer the agenda back to Brexit – the issue in which she is trusted far more by voters than Mr Corbyn. 

The Tories hope focusing relentlessly on Brexit for the rest of the campaign will drown out the unpopularity and confusion of their own elderly care funding plans and put Labour’s opinion poll gains into reverse.

An ICM poll of 2,002 people yesterday had the Tories down two points since last week on 45 per cent and Labour unchanged on 33 per cent.

ICM director Martin Boon said the fact that the Tory lead was larger in his survey than in some others could be because he assumes leftleaning younger voters are less likely to vote.

The PM said Monday’s grilling of Mr Corbyn on TV had shown “he’s simply not ready to govern and not prepared to lead”. 

He was not prepared to use the nuclear deterrent, tackle terrorists, give police powers, take difficult decisions or answer questions about his history of supporting dangerous groups such as the IRA, she said.

She added: “And, with the Brexit negotiations due to begin only 11 days after polling day, he is not prepared for those negotiations.

“But I am prepared. I’m ready to go. Jeremy Corbyn is not. “Only one of us has the determination to deliver the will of the people and make Brexit happen – and only one of us has the plan to make Brexit a success.”

Seemingly evoking Labour hero Nye Bevan’s plea to colleagues – in a row over the nuclear deterrent – not to send a British foreign secretary “naked into the conference chamber”, she said Monday’s TV programme showed:…

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