Kinesio Tex Gold 100% Cotton Kinesiology Tape Review

Kinesio Tex Gold Tape

Price per roll – $-14.9524.95


  • Good Adhesiveness
  • Firm Support
  • Good Price


  • Rigid Tape
  • Not Pre-Cut
  • Noticeable

In 1979, Dr. Kenzo Kase (some people consider him the originator of kinesiology tape) founded Kinesio, who today manufactures kinesiology tape for athletic applications. One of the leading tapes by Kinesio is the Kinesio Tex Gold Tape, which is made of 100% cotton and offers lightweight to medium support for nearly every athletic endeavor.

After my previous experiences with cotton kinesiology tape from a variety of manufactures, I was eager to see how this roll held up during sweaty, explosive, and full range of motion training sessions to then share my experiences and feedback.

In this article we are reviewing the Kinesio Tex Gold 100% cotton tape by Kinesio.


Kinesio Tex Gold cotton is a fairly low profile tape when applied, and offers the amount of support I was expecting from kinesiology tape. I was initially drawn to the adhesive abilities of this tape, especially when compared with other 100% cotton and less adhesive rolls. The tape stayed in place, offered good support, and was much appreciated after my first experience with another leading 100% cotton tape.

Applying the tape to the skin was as easy as peeling and sticking. Once in place, the tape stayed put and offered a light and noticeable pull to trigger better movement patterning. I personally found this tape to offer a fair amount of support and pull, which I preferred as compared to lighter less adhesive tapes on the market. Lifters who are looking for a less noticeable tape (feel on skin) may want to opt for another version or brand, as I did feel the tape and it’s pull, however at no point did it hinder my movement in anyway.

Comfort and Fit

Kinesio Tex Gold is constructed of elastic cotton material, which offers lightweight support. The material is soft on the skin, and really stayed put which is highly beneficial during more intense training sessions involving fuller range of motion movements.

Unlike other versions, this tape did not come in pre-cut strips, however,I found this tape to be very tear-able, and the additional markings on the back of the tape made it easy to measure lengths. While I would say pre-cut is a plus, this tape was tear-able, measured well, and stayed in place.

I found applying the tape to be pretty easy, and didn’t have any issues tearing it or getting strips the same length (thanks to the grip on the back of each strip). I found the cotton tape to be pretty comfortable on the skin, and didn’t really absorb the sweat, which is a good thing, as this helped it stay adhered.

I applied the tape across the bicep/elbow, as well as on the upper trap and shoulder complex. I was actually surprised at how quickly I felt some relief from some weird trap alignment I have going on, and found it to provide good feedback during pull ups and push ups.


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