Leah Remini’s Bonus Episode Proves Mission To Destroy Scientology

Actress-turned-activist Leah Remini may be the worst thing to happen to Scientology in its short but tumultuous history. The first season of her groundbreaking and immensely popular series for A&E, “Scientology and the Aftermath,” will come back in the fall for a second season. Because the network was so eager to get another fresh episode on air, Remini and her partner, former Scientologist spokesman Mike Rinder, produced a bonus episode, which aired the evening of Memorial Day.

One would expect an episode sandwiched between the two seasons to basically function as a teaser for the second season. With the exception of commercial interludes featuring clips from season two, however, that was not the case. Season two appears to focus on instances of sexual violence and child abuse, crimes which if found to be genuine could land Scientology and its practitioners in legal hot water.

Remini and Rinder were clear both in season one and the previews for season two what they want to accomplish with additional episodes. More than just give Scientology a black eye, they want this second (and previously unplanned) season to do something tangible. Remini and Rinder want to take down Scientology.

The Pair Has Already Scored Points

The pair are already making headway with their goal. Millions of Americans are watching and talking about the series, and in this week’s special bonus episode, one of the six special guests showed just how damaging daylight can be for Scientology’s bottom line. Australian television journalist Bryan Seymour has been covering Scientology on air for more than a decade and in that time its yearly income plummeted by a third in Australia.

Remini and Rinder spent the episode speaking with six of the most outspoken individuals trying to expose the group, including journalists like Seymour, a professor, a lawyer, and a person whose former job was to destroy Scientology’s opponents. Remini and Rinder explained in season one several times…

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