Learning a Language with a Mobile Phone App

As an avid traveler and expat who lives abroad in Europe I have come to face many challenges in daily life and this includes learning a new language. Some people can pick a new language up with little effort whilst others find learning a new language a real challenge.

I have however found that the mobile phone app is a great tool to assist in language learning and there are many apps available at no cost covering all the major platforms such as Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows.

In this article we will take a look at:

  • The Advantages of Learning a Language with a Mobile Phone App
  • The Best Language Learning App

The Advantages of Learning a Language with a Mobile Phone App

You may think that there would no difference in learning a new language from a book with a CD to a mobile phone app but I have to say that through years of experience I have to disagree.

The first problem I have always experienced with a book and CD for learning is finding the sound files that refer to the phrases and then trying to go back to repeat the phrases again.

The second problem is that I find I learn best when associating words to pictures. A text book tends to contain mainly pages and pages of written text with few images.

A good language app addresses these issues by placing an image, the written phrase in both languages and a sound file all in one place. This offers a superb learning advantage as you can associate the phrase to an image and repeatedly tap the play audio button to hear the phrase as many times as you choose.

The best language learning apps also come complete with a portfolio of word games and these add a little fun to the learning process while keeping the student interested.

The Best Language Learning App

I have tried and tested many language apps and most have been deleted from my phone without providing me much success. I have however kept the 50 Languages app that can be used offline and is available on Android and Apple platforms.

The app is split into…

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