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Since the move to a larger facility, IMPACT, formerly known as the Lewis County Adult Learning Center, has grown in services offered and number of staff. Instructor Liz Johnson said there are other big plans in the future.

With the new location came new class schedules, Johnson said. Mondays are reserved for math instruction, Wednesdays are for language and Tuesdays and Thursdays are for job skills.

“Fridays have been used as an additional math day because each of the students has expressed interest in more math instruction,” she said. “By separating the days, students who are struggling in one area more than the other can come in to review on those respective days.”

An instructional assistant was hired in February to help with paperwork, assessment tests and additional assistance at the learning center, Johnson said.

Instructional assistant James Lantz said he couldn’t be happier to see the impact that the learning center is having on students.

“I have seen them come in with a low grade level, spending 10 weeks working diligently to receive their equivalency,” he said. “When they receive their equivalency, I’ve seen students get jobs, and one even opened up their own restaurant.”

Lantz said he is happy to be a part of the positive experience that is the IMPACT learning center.

Each completed 10-week semester is celebrated, Johnson said. Individual victories are marked, as well, she said.

Susan James, the second student intern that IMPACT has had, was interested in developing her skills as an office manager, Johnson said. After receiving her high school diploma, she was offered a student internship at the center.

“This program has really helped me to gain confidence, with Liz and the other students around pushing me to succeed,” James said. “I am expecting to begin an internship with the County Commission within the coming weeks.”

A student resource center is “in the works” for the facility, with a clothing closet and a rideshare program currently implemented. Johnson said this will be a major breakthrough for IMPACT when it is implemented.

“The clothing closet allows for students to get workplace-appropriate clothing for free,” Johnson said. “Local businesses have been generous in donating clothing racks, and community members have donated clothing. It’s been a joint effort on everyone’s part.”

A rideshare program is being utilized among students due to transportation being one reason why some students can’t make it to class, Johnson said.

With the additional space, Johnson said there is hope to add a Makers Space for students to utilize technology and tools to create projects, in addition to a childcare space.

“We have many students enrolled and students interested who can’t make it to class because they don’t have childcare for their…

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