Looking For Psychological Help? Find A Psychologist In York

York & Ryedale Psychology Resource aims to offer comprehensive and efficient psychology services to agencies and individuals so if you’re looking for a psychologist, York and Ryedale Psychology Resource offers great service.

People come to the York & Ryedale Psychology Resource for a range of personal problems including stress, anxiety, depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) but there is also people looking for treatment for emotional problems such as personal crisis, bereavement and loss.

The practice is located at York Clinic on Tadcaster Road and in Pickering at the Medical Centre on Southgate.

Psychological assessment and reports can be offered at the resource covering areas such as chronic fatigue syndrome, personal injury, post-accident trauma and work place stress.

The psychology resource also offers a therapy course for couples who have been going through relationship difficulties.

If you are finding it hard to talk without arguing, or that you have lost the close relationship you once shared then you may need couple therapy to get you back on track.

Through focused therapy couples who have failed to seek help for many years can start to move forward in their relationship.

The York & Ryedale Psychology Resource is run by Dr Kay Farquharson a chartered psychologist.

Dr Farquharson has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Psychology and a Psychology Doctorate.  Farquharson has a Psychology Doctorate and 1st Class Honours Degree in Psychology.  With a 1st Class Honours Degree in Psychology and a Psychology Doctorate Farquharson is educated to an extremely high level.

Dr Farquharson has a vast amount of experience in both the assessment and treatment of individuals suffering from a range of emotional disturbance with additional training and experience in the areas of Post-Trauma and Dissociation.

So if you’re looking for a solution to any psychological problem that has been affecting you for some time the York & Ryedale Psychology Resource…

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