Maryland Marriage Records Updated Database Available Online


The stae of Maryland is one of the many states that has opened its public document to its local people in accordance to the Freedom of Information Act. One of the documents that the residents of Maryland can access is the Maryland Marriage Records


The original marriage records of Maryland are very different from the ones that are being generated today. It has changed for the better because older files consist of two pages that have a lot of unnecessary information. The employment record of the couple as well as the detailed background of the two families that united is examples of the unnecessary information that can be found on the file. Now, one would only see the important details about the marriage such as the place and date when the marriage took place. 


Updating the family history is one of the important uses of a marriage record. Transactions in the government such as the declaration of depndents and beneficiaries and asset management would require the marriage certificate. Marriage records are also used as one of the references in conducting background check especially if an individual is being questioned about his/her marital status. Many would do thid to make sure that the person they are living with is not married at all to avoid issues when they plan to get married later on. 


The marriage record is only given if the one who request for the file is either the bride or the groom. Others can still request for the files of other people but they have to secure a court order. One can send a mail order or go to the office to file the request, either way; it would only cost $12. 


One should be aware that the public reords of Maryland are managed by two offices The marital records of Maryland can be requested at the office of the State Archive especially if the record has been registered since 1990. The office of the county clerk can provide records before 1990. 


If you are not sure when the marriage took place thus you have no idea…

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