MLB Betting Predictions – Does This Really Work?


Every season of the MLB or what is more commonly known as the Major League Baseball, expect that there will be a lot of predictions coming in. These MLB betting predictions are in fact, very popular that there is now the website called which comprises of a quintet of specialists standing by to put forward their opinions whenever needed, of course with regards to the Major League Baseball. Here are a few things you might want to know about how the predictions for MLB or the Major League Baseball are being made.



The website is actually comprised of three sports columnists with the names of Hal Bodley Peter Gammons and Mike Bauman. There is also Jeff Nelson who is an analyst and at the same time, used to be a reliever in the Big League; and lastly, Jim Duquette who used to be a baseball sports executive. They are the ones to make the MLB predictions as to who will possibly win in every division.



As for the American League East, each one selected the Yankees to emerge as the division champion for the second time, except for Hal Bodley who opted to go for Boston instead. And in the same manner that Jeff Nelson selected the Yankees to get two consecutive wins in the World Series, Peter Gammons as well as Jim Duquette also opted for the Red Sox attacking all the way through the postseason. Really, making MLB predictions can truly be exciting. In fact, during the American League West, the Angels was selected to get their fourth win in a row in the division they are participating in. It was only Jeff Nelson who did not choose to go for the White Sox as he was rooting for Minnesota instead.



What is more, there are so much varying as well as similar opinions in the National League brought about by the panelists Gammons, Bauman, Bodley and Duquette choosing the Phillies, the Cardinals and the Rockies emerge as winners in the East, the Central and the West Leagues. Especially that there will definitely be always a different conclusion…

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