More Than Baseball… Kid Power


“Our goal at Velocity is to empower kids through sport and education'” according to James F. Pomeroy II its founder and lead instructor.  “At Velocity Sports and Education we bring cutting edge teaching and training techniques to players, parents and coaches of all ages.  This month we are proud to launch our not for profit training center plans to help kids learn and play.  Velocity All Star Sports is a not for profit that will offer kids from all over the country, a safe haven to learn and prosper”.  Through sport and education Coach Jim believes that they learn the strength and commitment to exact change in their broader community and within themselves.   “What we know is that the Velocity Sports and Education family will use every means possible to bring new teaching techniques to protect kids and make them stronger in sport.  Then help them support a great education life as well.”

Velocity Sports and Education was created through more than a decade of Coach Jim’s teaching and developing career in major baseball and softball centers around the country.  Coach Jim has found a key component to educating players from 3 to 25, which ultimately combines the understanding of teaching, learning and player development.  Velocity Sports and Education shall use the internet as a tool and medium to deliver information to all level of players.  Its 12U (ages 12 and Under) programming is built upon the desire to empower, protect and teach kids, parents and teachers the correct way to help their youth players have fun and stay healthy.  In fact, the American Journal of Sports Medicine recently published that as many as 49% of youth level pitchers shall get shoulder and/or elbow injuries this season across America.  This is due to overuse, the lack of understanding of the body mechanics, and frequently, parent/coach lack of knowledge.  Velocity Sports and Education has developed techniques to change all of this.  

“Velocity shall provide…

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