Morris Hospital Radiation Therapy Center unveils new cancer treatment technology

The treatment team includes Rachel Milton, Sharon Bernico, Cassandra Worley, Beth Knoblauch, Sherah Rodriguez and Ryan Clark.

MORRIS – The Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital has a new $2.6 million radiotherapy cancer treatment system that was funded in part by the community through gifts to the Morris Hospital Auxiliary and Foundation.

The advanced TrueBeam linear accelerator integrates imaging technology and radiation delivery to treat cancer with speed and accuracy measured in millimeters.

While the system was designed for complex cancers of the head and neck, lung, breast, stomach and brain, it also can be used for cancers of the liver and prostate, along with other cancers treated with radiation therapy.

In addition to purchasing a new linear accelerator, Morris Hospital has a new GE 4-D CT scanner used strictly for cancer treatment planning purposes, a new Eclipse cancer treatment planning software system, and a new oncology-specific electronic medical record system called Aria.

During treatments, the linear accelerator rotates around the patient’s body to deliver radiation therapy from nearly any angle. The TrueBeam system provides real-time imaging, allowing the radiation oncologists to direct higher doses of radiation with greater accuracy.

The TrueBeam linear accelerator also has a sophisticated motion management feature that gives the ability to synchronize radiation beams with the patient’s breathing. A feature called respiratory gating protects nearby organs and healthy tissues from unnecessary radiation.

Another advantage of the system is faster treatment times. For example, for a standard intensity-modulated radiation therapy treatment that typically takes 20 minutes, the treatment time with the TrueBeam linear accelerator is reduced to four or five minutes, a real benefit for patients.

Other features better guide the radiation therapists when positioning patients on the treatment table, resulting in even greater precision. The…

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