New organisation promotes and supports NZ amateur sport

New organisation promotes and supports New Zealand
amateur sport

A new organisation has been
established by well-known sporting names and community
leaders to promote and support amateur sport in New Zealand.

The amateur ethos is the true essence of
all sport: playing for the fun, enjoyment, and social
aspects in a spirit of healthy competition and strengthening
communities. The overwhelming majority of New Zealanders’
participation in sport is centred around amateur clubs and
based on amateur values.

A decision was made to
form The New Zealand Amateur Sport Association
at a meeting on Wednesday 26 May 2017. It will work
to grow and strengthen amateur sport in our communities,
ensuring that opportunities, incentives and recognition
remain central to participating in amateur sport, whether as
a player, administrator or volunteer.

The Association
invites membership from all who share the same goals of the
Association, and encourages participation in all aspects of
amateur sport by all Kiwis, from all ages and

The Association has the involvement and
backing of major New Zealand sporting personalities. Andy
Leslie (Life Member of New Zealand Rugby, MNZM) has been
elected as President, and Marian George (Life Member of
Netball New Zealand, QSM) as Vice President.

From the
26-strong group of Founding Members who include double
Olympic gold medalist rower Hamish Bond MNZM and Principal
of Wellington College, Roger Moses ONZM, an inaugural Board
has been appointed which includes Sally Morrison, Chair of
Wellington Cricket, and Wayne Guppy, Mayor of Upper Hutt

President Andy Leslie says: “All professional
players were once amateurs, it’s vitally important to have
vibrant, well-supported amateur clubs in our communities so
that people can play for enjoyment and the fun of competing.
And, of course, many sports wouldn’t exist without the
dedicated involvement of volunteers and whanau”.

Leslie adds “Membership, support and volunteering levels
at amateur clubs are under pressure, we believe it’s vital
to turn things around. Everyone knows that being involved in
sport, whether playing or helping, has countless benefits,
and it’s at the amateur level where all people can really
get involved. At the same time, we believe that a strong
relationship between professional and amateur sport works to
mutual advantage”.

Vice President Marian George says:
“Involvement is what this is all about. We can bring our
knowledge and experience to the table, but this is about the
future, so involvement from young New Zealanders,
communities and New Zealand’s clubs is essential. We want
people to get in touch with us with their ideas. There are
incredibly exciting times ahead for amateur sport in New

The New Zealand Amateur Sport
Association foundation…

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