Now Available – Worldwide Industrial Embedded Systems Market Report 2016-2026

The embedded systems are used in various industrial applications such as process control, sensors, actuators, robotics etc. The adoption of embedded systems in industrial applications provide power efficiency with high performance and robust environmental design which resist water, moisture, dust and extreme temperature conditions. The other major advantage of industrial embedded systems is it supports cost effective and advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI), supports high speed wired and wireless communication and features for safety implementation. The conventional micro-controllers and micro-processors in industrial applications are now replaced by system on chip (SoC) and system on module (SoM) embedded platforms.

Industrial Embedded Systems Market: Drivers and Restraints, Segmentation, Region Wise Outlook and Key Players

The rising focus of manufacturers to improve the energy efficiency has resulted in adoption of embedded system supported devices, which is the major driver for the growth of industrial embedded systems market. The increase in adoption of smart embedded system with complex functionalities such as imaging, smart sensors, wireless connectivity etc. to enhance the production efficiency is expected to drive the growth of global industrial embedded systems market. The technological advancements in embedded systems increased reliability, less operational cost, reduced power consumption, enhanced applications etc. is expected to propel the growth of global industrial embedded systems market. The rising adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions in developed economies is expected to boost the global industrial embedded systems growth. Japan accounts for significant share in industrial embedded systems market due to well-established embedded systems industry in the country.

On the basis of application,the global industrial embedded systems market can be segmented as follows:- Industrial PC, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC),…

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