O’Fallon Public Library wins national contest for gratis website

The O’Fallon Public Library won a national contest and will receive a free, three-year website remodel, complete with maintenance services.

EBSCO Information Services teemed up with Stacks Inc. to quarterback a Public Library Website Makeover Award to one community library.

“The contest was a great way for libraries to look at their websites and whether it provides the best experience for their patrons,” Kathleen McEvoy, vice president of EBSCO Information Technologies communications, said.

Ryan Johnson, assistant director of the O’Fallon Public Library, said it’s not only an honor to have been chosen from a pool of 300 other nationwide library branches, but it’s also a relief to the staff.

“So on a whim, you know, crossing my fingers, I submitted an entry to that contest. A few months went by and I kinda of forgot about it, and then they called me out of the blue (in April) with news of our selection as the winner,” Johnson said.

The timing couldn’t have been better. There was a need but not enough in the budget overhaul the library website anytime soon, Johnson said.

“It’s all very exciting, because we had a need for a new website, but in the hierarchy of needs, it wasn’t that high up there. So it wasn’t going to happen until this kind of an opportunity came around,” Johnson said.

With over 70 years experience working with libraries as a subscription agent and content provider, EBSCO is a leading company when it comes to digital integration of all kinds of content for public access and consumption.

“Public libraries are typically associated with books and physical spaces in their local communities. However, more and more public libraries, like…

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