Panasonic ES-WD94-P – Women’s Electric 6-in-1 Epilator/Shaver

Most women around the world prefer the use of epilator over waxing or shaving as it provides a gentle and efficient hair removal method, pulling out hair from the roots making skin soft and smooth. Panasonic ES-WD94-P Women’s Electric Epilator is one such product designed with latest hair removal technologies to make the epilation process as satisfying as possible.


Panasonic ES-WD94-P Women’s Electric Epilator include Wet/Dry Cordless Operation system making it waterproof so that it can be used in the bath with warm water or even shower gel for a painless  smoother experience. It has a built-in LED light for easy viewing, 48 rotating tweezers in a dual disc with a side-to-side movement to remove long as well as fine hair from the roots very easily. It is perfect for sensitive skin due to the Nickel-free Hypo-Allergenic Blades which provides clean and safe shave. Moreover, it is a six in one electric epilator featuring different types of attachable heads:


• Epilation Head

• Epilation Beginner Cap

• Epilation Gentle Cap

• Shaver Head

• Bikini Comb

• Foot Care Head


The Pros of Panasonic ES-WD94-P Women’s Electric Epilator

First of all the attachments are very useful, each works efficiently in different areas of the body. For example; the regular attachment is suitable for legs and arms while the smaller attachment is more appropriate to remove facial hair. The attachments work so smoothly that they do not cause any cuts or red bumps on the skin.


Secondly, the foot care head is a convenient tool to clear away foot problems especially dry cracked feet; it is a handy tool for regular pedicure at home. This electric epilator does not cause much pain when removing hair; it is easy to wash the heads of the epilator and it’s charging lasts longer for almost two hours. 


The Cons of Panasonic ES-WD94-P Women’s Electric Epilator

There are a few errors of the product such as it does not have any speed modes; Women usually prefer changing…

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