StoreDot nanotech breakthrough almost instant electric car battery recharge

StoreDot is primarily known for its promise to deliver a smartphone battery that charges in only five minutes. However, this isn’t the only superpower of the company. The Israeli nanotechnology materials pioneer also developed a car battery that charges just as ultra-fast as the FlashBattery does. A car battery that can fully charge in only five minutes would certainly be a game changer on the electric car market. Especially because the five-minute charge of the StoreDot battery is able to ensure a 300-miles range. That is more than enough for a normal commute. It is even great for taking trips. The new technology was first shown off at the CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin.

Charging electric cars batteries usually takes at least 25-30 minutes. Some electric cars even need to charge for several hours. If this amount of time can be reduced to only five minutes, there is a possibility that more people will consider driving these environment-friendly vehicles. Five minutes is basically the same amount of time needed to fuel up your car at the gas station. How exactly did StoreDot manage to reduce the charging time so much? It seems they reached these results by combining new organic compounds with certain nanomaterials. The electric car battery is most likely based on the same technology as the smartphone battery.

The electric car battery is most likely based on the same technology as the smartphone battery. The materials used by StoreDot allow for “non-traditional” reactions. Thanks to these, ions transfer ultra-fast from an anode to a cathode. This way, they charge the battery a lot faster than usual. According to the company, StoreDot doesn’t use graphite in its FlashBatteries. It replaced this element with an unnamed organic compound. This is the element that truly changes everything. StoreDot’s proprietary chemical compound has a higher temperature of combustion and it is not flammable. Thanks to these features, it is able to sustain fast charging powers. It is also safer than graphite-using batteries because the resistance of the battery cell is dramatically reduced.

StoreDot surely seems to have addressed one problem of the electric cars: the charging time. Even though this is a welcome step, the majority of electric car makers and battery developers mainly focus on expanding the range the car can travel on a single charge. Of course, it’s great to be able to fully charge a car battery in only five minutes. Unfortunately, the problem usually consists of getting to a place where you can do that. Thankfully, StoreDot’s electric car battery is able to ensure a 300-miles range. This is a great result. It would be even greater if we saw the Israeli company come up with a way to deliver batteries that ensure an even higher range of motion.

At this point, StoreDot’s FlashBatteries are in advanced stages of development, according to the company. We know that the smartphone batteries will fo into mass production as soon as 2018….

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