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The Danny Webber Trio — contemporary, classic and original jazz compositions with an emphasis on refined, conversational improvisation.

Death Ray Tango — ebbs of heavy, interspersed with flows of psychedelic sojourn are replete with odd times and angular modes induced by alien experiments on synaptic channels.

Declan Poehler — drawing inspiration from Foo Fighters, Lemonheads and Elliott Smith, Declan Poehler plays heartfelt power pop/alternative rock with indie sensibilities.

Delenda — five-piece progressive tech metal band based in Mount Airy

Devon Nickoles — a mix of country and pop with a little bit of sparkles on top

The Dirty Middle — a four-piece blues explosion

DoubleMotorcycle — Popcorn. The joy of youth with your best friends.

The dRIVINbEATS — a modern-retro rock band with elements of ‘60s beat, mod and dance music

Drop Electric — Based in a city known for stagnation and business as usual, D.C.’s Drop Electric exists to tell a different story about the nation’s capital. Drop Electric’s music is a manic barrage of soaring vocals, heavy guitars, atmospheric textures and tribal percussion, controlled by structured, dynamic songwriting. Their live show has been described as “epic” by NPR’s Bob Boilen.

EJ Atkins — a vocalist/guitarist based in Frederick

Fun Boys — Hey! Hey! It’s The Fun Boys, Baby! I stole a motorcycle to impress you! We had a cool dance party! Everyone was wearing sunglasses! I broke the roof! Oops!

Good Old Ernie — three clinically obese yinzers and a stinky hippie play a free range, sustainably sourced, unapologetically American made acoustic rock and roll that at least one in three sound minded countrymen consider to be good.

“Hard Swimmin’ Fish — an ensemble deeply rooted in the traditions of American music, including blues, jazz, funk and swing

Iodine P. — definitely not your favorite rapper but worth the listen. Old school mack flow full of funk.

Jalopy Deluxe is a good time rock ‘n’ roll band playing classic to current favorites as well as Jalopy originals all with the mission to make your body move.

Jase & TAGMG — this group came together as an independent label of multiple solo artists that share a brotherhood and have been creatively making music

Jazz Connection — a local quartet that plays standards and other popular songs in an engaging, accessible style. Each member brings his own experiences and sensibilities to the music

J Berd and Dj Blaze — J Berd and DJ Blaze daily combine traditional boom-bap rap styles with charm, wit and a pinch of moxie.

The Jeff Cosgrove Trio — an expansive sound to jazz standards. Their chemistry is built on freedom of sonic expression and adventurous musical spirits.

Juliet Lloyd — a blend of pop, rock and soul on piano with vocals that are “soulful, emotive, and loaded with groove”…

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