The Week in Film: “The Godfather,” “The Survivalist” and “Citizen Jane: Battle for the City”

The Godfather will make an appearance at a couple of theaters in Chattanooga to celebrate its 45th anniversary.

The Week in Film is a column dedicated to bringing awareness to award-winning films, special movie screenings, rereleases, limited-distribution runs and avant cinema that should be seen in theaters to be properly appreciated.

The Godfather
The preeminent mobster film “The Godfather” has long staked its claim in the hallowed halls of the greatest films ever made. Directed with detail and fiery determination by Francis Ford Coppola and starring some of the greatest actors to ever grace the screen (Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, etc.), the film is an epic look into the history of the Corleone family and the ways their personal lives and mobster associations clash and draw blood. Vicious and tender, it paints a dark and sympathetic portrait of a vast family, filled with honor, deception and death. It’s “The Godfather”—you already know you should catch this one on the big screen.

When: Sunday, June 4
Where: Regal Hamilton Place 8, Cleveland UEC Theatres 14
Rating: R

The Survivalist
Directed by Stephen Fingleton, “The Survivalist” is a post-apocalyptic film where oil has ceased to exist, causing a worldwide economic meltdown and a severe drop in global population. Telling the story of a man who has come to survive outside society by farming and catching the occasional small animal, the film deals with issues of communal reliance, deception and one’s own sense of self-preservation. Dark and gruesome in its depiction of a world where social mores have long been abandoned, the film presents a stark and brutal examination of what it means to hold on to some semblance of humanity in an inhuman land.

When: Friday–Thursday, June 2–8
Where: The Palace Picture House
Rating: Not rated

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City
Activist and author Jane Jacobs’ prescient book “The Death and Life of…

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