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By Mario Bennese

Sculpt – 4: When the picture of this figure’s prototype was released, I wasn’t too keen on the face sculpt. It is evident that the team at DC Collectibles put some more effort into this figure because the final product is practically perfect. The face looks remarkably like Melissa Benoist’s and puts the Mattel DC Multiverse Supergirl figure to shame. Sculpting on the body is highly detailed, with creases in the proper places and texture on the suit’s torso.

If I were to make one complaint, the figure’s face looks a bit mopey. I would have preferred for the figure to be smiling, but as it is, the expression is fine.
Paint – 5: I have absolutely no complaints about the figure’s paint job. Lines are nice and clean with little to no overspill. The chosen colors make the figure pop. The blue of the suit has a slightly metallic sheen to it which plays well with the light. Shadowing on the boots, cape, and skirt looks fantastic. Even the red lining on the suit is present. The figure’s skin tone is a near perfect match to Benoist’s.

Articulation – 3: This is the only weak point of the figure. Articulation is basic with rotation at the shoulder, bicep, and wrist. There are hinges at the shoulder, elbow, wrists, and feet, with a double hinged at the knee. The head’s rotation is limited by the figure’s hair. No articulation is present at the torso and the movement of the legs is hindered by the skirt.

I am confused at the inclusion of the double hinged knees. If basic articulation was what the team at DC Collectibles was going for, then they should have left the double hinge out of the design. Ankle pivot would have also been a nice feature to include, but considering that the legs are limited in their articulation, their absence is inconsequential as the figure stands with no problems.

Overall – 4: All in all, I adore this figure. It looks great with my other Super Family figures and is a fine addition to my collection. Coming…

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