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Every child is precious to their parents and so their growth and development are crucial matters of concern to any parent. It is petty necessary to carefully monitor the growth process of the young one from the time of their birth, so as to understand their progressive development along with time and age. Progress can be explained in terms of both physical and mental development of the child. As every child is unique, the process of growth and development vary from each other. Therefore in order to keep a track of this progress, a new parent can take the aid of an Indian baby growth chart that can be easily found at little one. These growth charts help a parent to easily track the progress of the young one in terms of height, weight and many more from the time of the birth till date by simple comparisons and calculations.

All about a baby growth chart:

An Indian baby growth chart is designed in such a way that it holds the world health organization child growth standards in order to detect the progress of growth and development of the young one. This development can generally be in terms of weight and height of the baby that can be known by comparing the values at the time of birth and the standards in the Indian baby growth chart. These growth standards vary with the gender of the child, i.e., the growth standards of a baby girl differs from that of a baby boy.

Irrespective of the birth weight and the disturbances caused due to illness and improper food, the rate of growth in all babies remains more or less the same. Therefore, Indian baby growth chart with WHO child growth standards can remain same for all the children of the same gender. The Indian baby growth charts available at little one consists of blank columns for recording the height and weight of the baby. One should maintain the record and compare the progress of values with the standards ones available in the chart. This can help a new parent to identify any differences, if present, in the growth process and find a solution by consulting a pediatrician. Also an Indian baby growth chart with a growth calculator will be of great help to any parent and one can find it in little one.

Need of a growth chart:

Every baby reaches several milestones in the process of growth and thus achieves progress in their development. This progress in growth should be constantly monitored by a parent in order to meet the growth standards of the child. Any new parent might come across a question about the need for monitoring the growth progress of a child using an Indian baby growth chart and here is the explanation to this query.

Growth of a child is marked by the increase and maintenance of weight and height of the little one. Height is often linked with the concept of heredity and so is related to the genes and the parents passing them over to the young ones. Where as weight of the child is petty crucial because it comes along with the food consumption and digestive capacity of the little one….

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