Transportation and Smart Cities: Does Size Matter?

DEMANDTRANS and Strafica Announce Key U.S. Strategic Partnership

We continue to see sweeping changes and innovation in transit technologies, and our partnership with Strafica positions us to continue to provide the best solutions to our public transit partners in the U.S. and abroad. Roger Teal President, DEMANDTRANS

It is a fact that any change in a customer’s mobility behavior is directly correlated to the quality and reliability of transportation services. Historically, transit planning and demand modeling has been driven by infrastructure–and the actual factors affecting user choices have been neglected. This is a result of there not being a reliable way to simulate these factors or to calculate their impact. At the same time, there has been no means to illustrate and create accessible presentations so transportation professionals can more effectively and efficiently deliver an optimal blend of mobility options.

Until now.

DEMANDTRANS is excited to announce its latest key strategic partnership with Strafica, Ltd, a leading Finnish transport engineering and consultancy founded in 2000. The company’s suite of services are extensive, robust and include solutions and services in the following areas: Urban Planning, Traffic Analysis and Forecasts, Intelligent Transport System Design, Sustainable Traffic Assessment, Transit Management Center Analysis, Parking, Traffic Safety and Public Transport Planning.

In recent years Strafica has invested significantly in advanced transit research and data analytics capabilities. Together, DEMANDTRANS and Strafica will launch an array of robust planning, modeling and assessment tools via the forthcoming DEMANDTRANS Transit Labs suite of products. Focusing on providing sophisticated computational and simulation tools to assess varied transport patterns, optimize mode selection, and develop interactive demand pattern maps as well as the statistical analyses to promote the design and deployment of more effective and efficient transportation services, Strafica and DEMANDTRANS intend to transform how mobility planning is accomplished to promote safer, smarter, greener, and healthier transport alternatives.

Strafica’s Brutus, the heart of the Transit Labs solution, is an extraordinary transport modeling methodology. Instead of working with mean values within city districts, Brutus deals with individuals. Every trip an individual takes is modeled or simulated separately. Moreover, mobility behavior is handled realistically as unique trip chains instead of problematic simplifications. This means the Brutus technology accounts for the fact a person may visit a grocery store or a school on their way home instead of returning via the shortest…

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