Vitamins to Help Your Eyelashes Grow Longer

As our fingernails and toenails for a protective layer for protecting some vital organs, similarly our eyelashes form a barrier and give protection. The hair fringes from the eyelids form a protective layer for the eyes; from bacteria and dirt, causing infection. But there are a number of problems associated with eyelash growth. To name some are, hair loss, infections, abnormal patterns, eventually leading to eye pain.


Lash loss-


Lash loss is same as hair loss. The growth, fall and repair pattern of eyelashes is same as that of hair. We lose some hair everyday and same goes for eyelashes also. This may go unnoticed but the fact is we lose some eyelashes everyday. But if the loss is over the top then this a serious issue. The is a disease associated with this loss of eyelashes, it is Alopecia areata. In this condition one looses eyelashes but they don not regrow over time.




Inflammation destroys everything. One such inflammation is Blepharitis, having a huge impact on the oil glands on the eyelids, causing serious infection along the lash line. A person suffering such a condition tends to develop crusting of eyelashes. The curst can be cured easily with the help of water. It is just that you need to gently clean it. Don’t ever scrub your eyelashes, it leads to severe irritation and eyelash loss. 


Abnormal Growth Pattern-


Abnormal Growth Pattern is also a problem besides eyelash loss and inflammation. The specific name for such a condition is eyelash Trichomegaly. In such a condition there is excessive growth of eyelash in an improper manner, reverse of eyelash loss and inflammation. There are some lashes that grow thick and unusually long which causes vision discomfort. Sometimes the eyelash curve is inwards, instead of going outwards. This inward growth pokes into your eyes and causes corneal scratches. The other condition which occurs is Distichiasis; meaning that an extra layer of eyelashes grows behind the normal row. The sole…

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