Which Toilet Cubicle? Key For Washroom Systems

If you are designing a washroom then you will need to notice  the design of toilet cubicles. This article will start you down the exact thought process by asking some very significant questions related to washroom and toilet cubicle design. Specifically it will get you to think about the environment of the washroom simultaneously with the typical user profile. These issues are the top of the design selection tree as the whole thing as well depends on these answers.

Environment- understanding the target surroundings for your washroom and toilet cubicles is key to the future victory of your project. Put the following questions to yourself:-

  • Is it a wet or dry location?
  • Is it high or small usage/traffic?

Let’s fill this out a bit.

A wet location is one where the cubicle panels are often get in touch with or flooded with water. usually shower rooms and swimming pool changing rooms.

A dry location is one where the panels are not subjected to flooding. Usually these are straight toilet cubicles and locker rooms.

clearly the location is a strong driver for the materials used. The further is usage.

Usage- you need to make an estimation of the typical usage and users. High traffic areas will essentially be subject to greater wear and tear. Toilet cubicles in public washrooms will see a  more traffic than a toilet cubicle in a company hall. They will also be at larger risk from destruction than a company washroom.

The profile of a typical user is also essential here; consider the age range and whether you are dealing with the general public or a definite group of people such as office workers. All of these things control the selection of materials and the design. It makes good judgment to calculate where you are in terms of risk of damage through destruction or heavy use.

Services that are open to the general public will unhappily be at greater risk form vandals. similarly toilet cubicles in educational facilities like schools and colleges will have a great risk of…

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